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Kyorin-Shoin has released a book on the application of body clocks, written and edited by Tahara.


May 10, 2022

Video distribution of Research Award research content on university website​


March 15, 2022

"Great timetable"
​From Yamato Shobo



May 26, 2019

"Body clock health method"
From Kyorin Shoin​


May 26, 2019

Press releases

April 2023 Blog, Chrono-nutrition, Taiyo Kagaku Corporation.

March 2023 "Kokoro no Genki +" March 2023 issue, Special Feature: Sleep and Rhythm, "Relationship between Meal/Nutrition and Sleep", NPO Community Mental Health and Welfare Organization Combo Link

October 2022 Press release, "Girls are more sleep-deprived than boys, and are more closely related to mental health problems - Revealed by a lifestyle survey of 4th graders to 3rd graders (9,270 people) -", Hiroshima University websiteLink

In September 2022, an article was published in the Benesse mobile app “Manabi no Techo”, “How can my child study efficiently?

May 2022 Nikkei Shimbun "Benesse HD Announces Results of 'Survey on Children's Lifestyle Rhythm and Health/Study Habits'"Link

May 2022 Kyorin Shoin "Body Clock Applied Method" goes on saleLink

February-March 2022 Benesse Series 1-4, "Survey on Children's Life Rhythms and Health/Study Habits 2021" Joint Research ReportLink

February 2022 Funakoshi News February 15 issue "Chrononutrition"Link

December 2021 Tatsumi Publishing “Night Yogurt and Intestinal Update” is on sale. I supervised the content.Link

The research content announced in Nutrients in October 2021 was published in the web article.Link

“People with irregular meal times are more likely to suffer from mental disorders – a survey of domestic workers”Link

October 2021 "BioRhythm and Performance", NSCA Japan bulletin vol28, 2021Link

September 2021 Weekly Modern Special “Chrononutrition: Your body changes with the time you eat”, Kodansha

July 2021 "Effective protein intake timing for increasing muscle mass" Waseda University press releaseLink

October 2020 An interview article was published in AERA.Link

September 2020 “Changes in lifestyle rhythms due to refraining from going out due to COVID-19” Waseda University and asken joint press releaseLink

August 2020 "My Summer, Big Strategy Control the Body Clock!", Careful Mail Order "Kindness Knot"

June 2020 Meiji Yasuda Life "Hell Seed" June issue "The secret of the timetable that adjusts the rhythm of the body"

April 2020 Monthly Sports Medicine April 2020 issue "What and how is the body clock controlled?"

September 2019 An interview article was published in Leave a Nest "Research Support" vol.15.

September 10, 2019 An interview article was published on Sunday Mainichi.

July 21, 2019 O:Sleep Lab started serialization.Link

July 9, 2019 An interview article was published in Tokyo Sports. "Body clock reset method"

On June 17th and 24th, 2019, I appeared on J-WAVE TOKYO MORNING RADIO.Link 1 link 2

From February 2016 Mainichi Shimbun Medical Premier Series "Good and bad conditions brought by the earth – Mechanism of body clock(Updated once a month)
October 2015The reality of a low-sugar dietThe content of the interview was published in Shufunotomosha edition.
September 2015 Mainichi Shimbun Medical Premier"Watch out for stress at night that throws your body clock out of order"
August 2015 Nature Japan Featured Papers"Entrainment of mouse circadian clock by physical and mental stress"
July 2015 Digital Journal "Effect of stress on circadian rhythms"
June 2015 Waseda University TOP NEWS "Evening and nighttime stress upset the body clock more than morning"
June 2015 NHK News"Nighttime stress, the great enemy of the body clock"
June 2015 NHK world news 『Night-time stress disturbs internal clock”
June 2015 Yahoo News, Jiji Press"Disturbance at the beginning of sleep = mouse body clock, stress - Waseda University"
June 2015 Nihon Keizai Shimbun“Be careful of stress in the evening and at night, the body clock is easily disturbed, Waseda University research”
June 2015 My Navi News“Evening and nighttime stress upset the body clock more than morning”
June 2015 Asahi Shimbun"Nighttime stress upsets the body clock Confirmation with mice"
June 2015 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun“Stress received in the evening rather than in the morning strongly disrupts the body clock—Waseda University proves using mice”
June 2015 Yomiuri Online “Evening and nighttime stress upset the body clock more than morning”
June 2015 NAVER Summary"Latest research! The stress you receive at night throws your body clock out of order.”
June 2015 Ilorio``It is clear that the body clock is disturbed by stress at night''
June 2015 Amoeba News"The stress at night is scarier than the morning"

October 2012 Yomiuri Shimbun front page“Late Dinner Makes You Fat…Confused Body Clock, Waseda University Experiment”
October 2012 Nature Japan Featured Paper "Food frequency pattern determines the phase of the peripheral circadian clock in mice"

May 2012 Waseda University press release"Development of a method to accurately measure the body clock of living mice, science and engineering Shigenobu Shibata laboratory also proves that the center of the body clock exists in the brain"
May 2012 My Navi News``Waseda University proves in living mice that there is a center of the biological clock in the brain''
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, May 2012“The Center of the Body Clock: Observation in the Live Mouse Brain Waseda University”

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